On my blog today. Out of Control Part Two. The aftermath of the crash. Out of Control, Part Two

I have started a new 6 part serial called Out of Control. The story tells of how events can go spin completely out of control following one moment of carelessness. You can find part one of the story, here;  Out of Control Part One

My new project. The Book of Gran, is under way. You can find the first few posts from the book on my home page if you’d like to read them. Lessons, is the first post if you’d like to read them in order.

Gran is one of the lead characters in my book, Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail. Gran is caustic but funny, her politics are so far to the right she makes General Pinochet look like Che Guevara. She used to write letters to Thatcher advising her to invade France. Gran is a fun character and I enjoyed writing her so much I’ve decided to giver her a book of her own.

The book of Gran. The Early Years. charts Gran’s life from her birth during the Great Depression, through the war years. A second book, taken from her diaries, will plot her progress through the 50ls 60s and 70s. A possible third book might bring her up to date.

Here’s a handy linky thing to the posts.

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