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Trevor Belshaw, aka, Trevor Forest, is a writer of both adult and children’s fiction. He lives in Nottingham, UK. Trevor is the creator of Tracy’s Hot Mail published by Crooked Cat Publishing. The sequel, Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail was published by Crooked Cat in August 2014. His suspense driven novella, Out of Control. was published in August 2015.  His latest children’s book, Magic Molly, The Curse of Cranberry Cottage, was published in August 2016.

Trevor has released fifteen children’s books writing under the name, Trevor Forest, including the  Magic Molly series, The Stanley Stickle series, Abigail Pink’s Angel, The Wishnotist, Faylinn Frost and the Snow Fairies and Peggy Larkin’s War. All of the books are available in paperback and eBook formats. He is currently researching for the sequel to Peggy Larkin’s War; Return to London.

Trevor’s short stories and articles have appeared in various magazines including The Best of British, Ireland’s Own and First Edition. His poem My Mistake was awarded a highly commended status and included in the Farringdon Poetry competition best entries anthology. His children’s poem Clicking Gran, was longlisted in the Plough Poetry competition.

Trevor’s stories have been published in many anthologies including the charity anthologies, 100 Stories for Haiti, 50 Stories for Pakistan, 100 Stories for Queensland, Another Haircut, Shambelurkling & Other Stories and 24 Stories for Advent. Two of Trevor’s stories have appeared in The Best of Café Lit 2011 and The Best of Café Lit 2012 while three stories appeared in The Best of Café Lit 2013. In 2014 The Return of Shambelurkling featured two of Trevor’s short children’s stories and a poem.

If you’d like to find out more about me and the my writing, follow this link to an interview on Richard Hardie’s fabulous writer blog. Richard Hardie’s Blog

My Writer’s Blog Can be found here. Trevor Belshaw’s Writer’s Blog

My Trevor Forest website can be found here. Trevor Forest




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