Stanley Stickle For One Night Only. Released

stanleyone night only frontThe latest book in the Stanley Stickle series by my alter ego Trevor Forest has been released on Kindle. Stanley Stickle For One Night Only tells the story of Stanley, the master plan maker who is desperate to rid himself of his wannabe girlfriend, Soppy Sonia.

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

Stanley Stickle For One Night Only

Stanley Stickle, the king of the master plan, volunteers to take part in the school production of the musical Oliver so that he can avoid Soppy Sonia at the school gates. Stanley would rather clean out his ear wax with the pointy end of a scorpion that meet Soppy Sonia after school. Unfortunately, he discovers that even master plans can fail, and when they do, they fail spectacularly. After a disastrous sequence of events, Stanley is thrown into the action on opening night and to his horror he finds he has to perform live on stage with Soppy Sonia, in front of a sell-out audience.

The book is on sale at just £1.99. You can buy it here.  Stanley Stickle For One Night Only

The paper back version will be published during the week starting 7th Sept 2015.

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