Halloween Hattie Published

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The 6th Magic Molly  book, Halloween Hattie is published on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions this week. I’d like to thank my editor Mauren Vincent-Northam and my artist Marie Fullerton for their fab contributions to this project.

The book is not part of the Magic Molly series but is a Halloween special one-off that will compliment the Christmas special, Christmas Carole that was released last year.

In this Halloween Special, Molly Miggins has been given a new task by Granny Whitewand and the Rickety Brooms coven. She must solve the mystery of Halloween Hattie, a ghost witch who appears on a swing in the graveyard every Halloween at eleven o’clock.

Molly teams up with the scaredy-cat ghost, Bartholomew P. Balderdash, a walking talking skeleton called Bony Bob and an ex vampire doctor called Count Von Docula to try to solve the mystery.

Why is Molly’s security parrot practicing Kung Fu?

Who switched on the light in the tower at the long abandoned Hags Hall?

Who stole Bony Bob’s mum’s arm bone?

Who is Myrtle Moonseed?

For the answer to these and other puzzling, head scratching questions, join Molly and her friends in her creepiest, most exciting adventure yet.

The Kindle version can be purchased here for a mere £1.53p   Halloween Hattie on Kindle   Halloween Hattie in Paperback

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