Home Alone

I am Home Alone as my gaoler has buggered off to that London for the day. (God knows why, it’s just the worlds biggest rip off city. You see it once, you’ve seen it all,  all that’s worth seeing at least.) Anyhoo, this means I have a day to myself, a day to spend doing anything I fancy… Hmm, hang on, there’s a note…. ‘Don’t forget the plumber coming to rip out bath today and can you nip to the shops for… Oh and the chickens, the dog and the cat need feeding, I didn’t’ have time… Can you put the washing out if it isn’t too wet and give the downstairs a quick hoover? There’s  salad and pasta sauce in the fridge for when you cook your dinner…’

This Home Alone lark isn’t as fabulous as i’s made out to be. I didn’t even get a lie in, I woke up as she left at 6.30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep again. I lay there contemplating my navel for a while but then the dog started barking, wanting to be let out.

Oh yeah, the final insult.

When we discussed her plans the other day, she said she was going to catch the bus home when she got off the train. No longer it seems. I’m picking her up at the station now… no idea what time, after 10.30 pm  is the only info I have.


Ah well, the day is still my oyster, there will be lots of loud rock music, I’ll have a vinyl day once my chores are completed, and bugger the pasta sauce and salad. I’ll make double egg and chips, a mountain of chips, a pile so big I’ll need two plates.

The day is looking better all the time.

egg n chips

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