Another snippet from Magic Molly; Halloween Hattie

Excerpt from Magic Molly, Halloween Hattie.
The yew was situated in the older part of the graveyard sitting in an area of close cropped grass. A bench seat had been placed underneath. The yew was surrounded by creepy-looking granite crypts, some built like little Greek temples, others like stone sheds. Some had low, stone, boundary walls around them, while others had railings across the entrance. One had a set of broken steps leading down to a weather-beaten wooden door that hung precariously on its one remaining hinge. Moonlight filtered down through the branches of the yew, bathing the entrance to the crypt in a murky light. Molly shivered as the grey, thickening mist crept between the marble statues that stood like lonely soldiers guarding the entrance to the tombs. She tried not to think about what they were guarding and sat on the bench to drink some of the hot soup from her flask.

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