Tracy’s Celebrity Hotmail is on its way.

The final edits are complete, the cover has been chosen, the tagline and back cover blurb written and Tracy’s Celebrity Hot Mail is just about ready for its August launch. Many thanks to Steph and Laurence, and the fantastic team at my publisher, Crooked Cat Special thanks go to my editor, Maureen Vincent-Northam, who has worked on everything I have ever produced, both for Trevor Forest and T A Belshaw. Maureen knows my mind so well by now she could probably write a book for me.  Mo, you are a star.

Looking forward to the release. Thanks again to all the Tracy fans who have kept me going while the book was being written. It has been a long process but your encouragement helped get me through to the finish line. The new book is much longer than the original Tracy’s Hot Mail and (at least I hope), much funnier.

See you all in August you lucky lot.

T A Belshaw

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