NEW! Five minute Poem. El Paso

Here’s my latest five minute song. Inspired by the Marty Robbins song, El Paso, that has just been on the radio. You can sing these words to that tune. 🙂 Yeeee Haaaa

Down at the Mexican Deli, El Paso
I fell in love with a sweet Bradford girl
She had big lips with a hint of moustacho
I winked at her and she gave me a twirl

I thought that she was way out of my classo
I offered to buy her a drink at the store
She took the whiskey and drained the whole glasso
Burped a huge burp and then asked for some more

So me and the Yorkie went out on the lasho
We drank fourteen pints then she gave me a leer
She lifted her top and she gave me a flasho
And then she demanded some more bloody beer

I spent the whole of my wages that evening, that girl could drink like a fi iiiiii sh
I bought her sardines to soak up the liquid, she swallowed them whole, then threw up in the dish

Allthough it had rained we sat down on the grasso
I made my move, right there in the park
She said my knickers have stuck to my asso
I’m going home now, sod this for a lark


We hurried back to my flat in a Dasho
Trying to get there before more rain came
I showed her my bed, and said you can crasho
She said you haven’t yet told me your name

I said, my name’s Pedro and I love you dearly,how can I win over your hear aaaa aaart
She said my purse is so fecking empty, filling it up, would make a
good start


I took her down to the bank to get casho
She stood by my side as I typed in my pin
Then she snatched the dosh and was gone in a flasho
I said to myself there’s a lesson herein


I went back to my flat with no Brasso
No money left to pay the due rent
So now I am homeless because of that Lasso
So feckin skint that I live in a tent.

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