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Preview Out of Control

Would you like to see if Out of Control is right for you? Easy. Just click the preview link at the bottom of the image and read a short preview of the novella with more than a little bit of noir.

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Out of Control; Published

out of control cover


The Kindle version of my new suspense novella, Out of Control, is now available on Amazon. Price £1.99. The paperback version is available now at a price of £3.99

Blurby Stuff

It began with a trivial moment of carelessness, but the shockwaves that reverberate from this seemingly insignificant incident, spread far and wide.

Ed and his heavily pregnant wife Mary are on an errand for Ed’s ailing father before the pair depart for warmer climes. But the winter of 1962 comes early and one innocuous event and a hastily taken decision will have devastating consequences for the family of young Rose Gorton. Mary’s already fragile mental state is put under further stress while Ed tries to make sense of events that are spiralling massively, Out of Control.

You can download the Kindle eBook, here OUT OF CONTROL

Paperback version here OUT OF CONTROL


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Out of Control. Full Cover Reveal

Out of Control. My new, noir novella now has a full print version cover designed by the multi-talented, Rhys Vincent-Northam. I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it wrapped around my story in paperback form.

The ebook and paperback versions of the book will be published in very late August 2015

trevors book cover template 1

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The Dark Secret of the Old Rectory

Here’s something I started about five years ago when I took the first tentative steps into authorship. I had completely forgotten writing this. It didn’t even have a title. It was one of those stories you just write to see where it takes you. There was no plotting, no plan, no idea where it was going.  It is only the first chapter and there is no more, but I think it’s interesting and I want to know what happens next now. Excuse the formatting and any typo errors, it hasn’t been edited at all. I think this might be my next noir serial project. I will make some changes to it. It will be set in the late 1950s and the house will be moved out into the countryside to make it less accessible… there won’t be a takeaway meal either. What do you think?

The Dark Secret

country manor snow  Drew Barrett looked down from Scarrett Hill over the snow covered village below. Some of the roofs had a full covering, others, with less insulation showed their bare red tiles. It had been many years since he last took in that view, many more since he had seen the village lying under snow. There were one or two chimneys puffing out thin, grey smoke, back then every house would have burned coal.

Drew’s gaze moved down to the right and focused on a large, old red brick house. The building was set in a wide courtyard protected by a high wall and pair of elaborate iron gates. The roof was covered in a thick carpet of snow, an old TV ariel rocked unsteadily in the chill northerly wind. A single set of tyre tracks were cut into the snow on the drive that led to the gates. Someone had arrived early: his money was on Sarah.

He turned away; his thoughts suddenly full of blazing log fires, Christmas trees and ghost stories. The yellow taxi waited at the kerb side, engine still running, warm exhaust fumes rose into the freezing air. Drew pulled open the passenger door and climbed inside.

The driver pushed the gear lever forward and slipped the hand brake.

‘Nice view isn’t it? Especially in winter, I’ve had a look myself once or twice.’

‘It’s always been a stunning view, whatever the weather,’ Drew answered; he cupped his hands and blew warm air into them. ‘I can close my eyes and see that landscape wherever I am in the world.’

The cabbie nodded and waited to see if his passenger would continue. They had driven over forty miles and this was the only real conversation they had managed. He looked again at the man beside him; he seemed lost in his thoughts and didn’t look like he wanted to be found.

‘I might have to get hold of some snow chains if the weather doesn’t change soon. I can’t remember a winter like this.’

‘I can,’ Drew, replied. ‘When I was a child we had these winters regularly. I was back there for a moment then.’

The driver answered quickly, keen to keep the conversation flowing.

‘I’ve only been in the area about fifteen years. I thought we were supposed to be getting into global warming,’ he turned his head to look out of the window. ‘Someone ought to tell Mother Nature.’

They drove on to the outskirts of the village, the temperature was dropping again and there was the odd flake of snow in the air. The driver was happy the journey was almost over, the country lanes would soon be a like glass and he had five miles to drive before he got home himself.

Drew pointed to a phone box on the left side of the road. ‘Drop me here.’

The driver retrieved his passenger’s case from the rear seats and smiled at Drew encouragingly. ‘Thanks for the call, that’ll be £60. Please’

Drew pulled four twenty pound notes from his wallet and handed them to the driver. Preoccupied he picked up his bag and trudged his way through the slush of the main street to the call box. He pushed in a coin and dialled, it was a full minute before anyone answered.

‘Hello.’ The voice was hesitant, unsure.

‘It’s me, Drew, I’m here.’

‘Thank goodness, I was beginning to wonder if something had happened.’

‘No, I’m fine; it’s winter here don’t forget. It’s been snowing, took ages to clear the airport and the roads were atrocious once we got off the freeway. I didn’t bother hiring a car, I rang a local taxi firm, took him an hour and a half to pick me up and the same again to get me here.’

‘Have you seen anyone yet?’

‘No, I’m calling from a public phone, someone’s here though. There are tyre tracks leading to the gates. One set.’ He paused, ‘Ok, I’m going up to the house, just wanted to check in without being overheard.’

‘Good luck, and all my love, Drew. I’ll send over some warm sunshine shall I?’

Drew shook his head although she knew she couldn’t see, ‘Don’t bother; I like it exactly the way it is.’ Continue reading

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